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This page is here to share our success stories with our puppies finding new homes.  Many families have come to see and play with the puppies and luckily each one was picked by a future member of their family.


 It is a wonderful process to have a puppy pick you.

It's tough when you have a cute, adorable litter of puppies wanting your attention from all angles. 

Which one do I pick?  Which one do I pick?

It's easy......

...they choose you.

Mark and his family visited us from the great state of Massachussets searching for the right fit in a Bernedoodle puppy to add to their family.   "George" who is now "Georgia" picked them right away.

Tyler, a local fellow, right up the street in the sweet little town of Carlisle knew immediately "Isabel" was the match for him.

"Isabel" is now "Harley".

We have searched high and low for a Veteran we could help by providing an everlasting companion in their world.

Just Our Farm has donated a puppy to this Veteran in hopes this puppy will become a great Service Dog for him.

Just Our Farm will also be assisting in the expense of training the puppy to become a Service Dog.

Brian was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy hoping "Splash" will be the perfect fit in his world.

Mark and his wife from the Philly Area are planning many trips in their RV with hopes "Oscar" will be the exact addition their travels need.

"Oscar" is now "Fozzy".

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